Sergei KrasS creates custom carvings and wood work of various types
Mirrors & Artwork Frames
  • Picture Frames
  • Mirror Frames
  • Knife handles
  • Sheathes
  • Gunstocks
Family Crests (Coats of Arms)
  • Family Crests (Coats of Arms) with your family or business initials carved in the middle of the crest
  • Antiques Restorations

5 Facts About Sergei KrasS Carving

  1. Carver does not make the knife blades or stocks of guns. He works with wood only, making and carving knife handles and sheaths, frames, family crests (coats of arms), gift boxes, carving on prefabricated gunstocks.
  2. Customers can bring their own knives, but only a small percentage of the original handle can be carved. In most cases the original handle is removed and the new one created and carved.
  3. Most of the gunstocks can be carved, but small testing is always done in a discreet part of the gunstock to check the wood suitability for carving.
  4. Silver wire is used for inlay as well as various crystals/ivory/bone/pearl/fine wood mosaic.
  5. Each work is unique, as everything is done by hand. This means that the same design may not look identical to the original on display.